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Vacuum Jam Cooking Cauldron

Vacuum Jam Cooking Cauldron
Capacity 250 Kg. / 500 Kg. / 750 Kg. / 1000 Kg.
Material AISI 304 Chrome Nickel
Electricity 380 Volt - 150 Hz. / 3 Faz
Heating Steam / Hot oil


Pressure receptacle are special design for vacuum jam cooking cauldron. All surfaces and platform are 304 AISI chrome nickel the surface thickness of mackine is 8 mm. At the same time the upper and lower arches of machine are 10 mm. Also; machine heating jacket is produced resistant by 8 bar operating pressure and 10 bar test pressure. It is produced using steam and hot oil. It is delivered with electricity panel, vacuum pump and platform. It is produced mono-block with cooling cauldron and preliminary preparation as you want.